John Areblad

This is me

I bring my visions to life and want to leave scratches in your cortex with my stories.
Good stories stay in your mind, maybe forever.
I work in the interface of fashion and art because of the beauty in it. Life can be very ugly and we need beauty, we need dreams. My ‘actors’ are either non professional or fashion models because i’m looking for expressions that are genuine. I’d rather type cast then use an actor.
I prefer to film on location and my locations are chosen with love. If i find the perfect location i make a story around it. My stories first come as images in my mind. Sometimes i get just a fraction and from that the story emerges. Sometimes it’s from a dream and i want my films to be as dreams. I want to touch my audience through emotions. Life doesn’t always come with a happy end but there is hope.
You can reach me on Facebook if you want to get in touch with me.
//John Areblad

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